Memory’s a Ghost

by Phantom Phunk

“Memory’s a Ghost” stands alone in the Phantom Phunk world, if not outside it. With the ingredients of a classic pop track, this song seems to seek out wider audiences more than the group’s previous material. It is both upbeat and melodic, yet the lyrics possess a certain melancholy to them. Lyricist and rapper “Cloud” Price’s lyrics remind us of the “bittersweet” nature of life. Though the rhymes are simple, they contain a deeper meaning that describes the clash between hope and self-doubt, fear of abandonment, and an appreciation for the important things in this life.

Composition by Hector Alexander Fontanet, lyrics by Wayne Price. Music by Phantom Phunk. Produced by Hector Alexander. Recorded and mixed at Harmonic Factory Studio, Tampa, FL. Copyright 2019.

Memory’s a Ghost by Phantom Phunk

About Phantom Phunk

Since their origins in 2015, Phantom Phunk has established themselves as one of the leading creative forces in Tampa’s underground music scene. Founded out of their home studio, dubbed Harmonic Factory, the group began working on their first album, Arboles Ossific (2016). Their debut release showcased a group of explorative songwriters whose signature style was bound to no genre and embraced the unexpected. As advocates of environmentalism, the band wrote their sophomore album, Turtle Stand (2017), in an effort to bring awareness against animal cruelty. Since then, Phantom Phunk has transformed into a three-piece core, and now consists of Alexa Toro on vocals, Nick Emiliozzi on drums and Hector Fontanet on guitar. Tracks from their upcoming EP, Struggle With Me (2018), also include features from local hip-hop artist Cloud Master Price. The blend of alt-rock and hip-hop gives the group a progressive sound comparable to the Gorillaz and No Doubt.