Album Art Bonnie Bennet

Album Art Bonnie Bennet

My Hands

by Phantom Phunk

Fast and to the point, “My Hands”, is possibly the first true single to come out of Phantom Phunk. This up-tempo foot stomper carries a seemingly calculated blend of moods, teetering between a groovy calmness and a hyperactive angst. The darker undertones in this piece however go nearly undetected next to the jubilant lead of the vocal melody. Insulated by crystal-like surf-rock guitars, the lyrics convey a confused kind of dissatisfaction—a passive divide that is just worrisome, yet still, collected enough to achieve the bipolar splits inherent in the music. Regardless, don’t let the brooding lyrics deter you from enjoying this 60’s summer jam.

Lyrics by Juan Gonzalez, music by Phantom Phunk. Produced by Hector Alexander. Recorded and mixed at Harmonic Factory Studio, Tampa, FL. Copyright 2017. Album art Bonnie Bennet

Phantom Phunk - Spacey. Art by Hector Alexander

Sketch from Spacey Music Video ( The City, The Dessert Sands and Pyramids, The Deep Ocean and Space, and the Snowy Peaks of the Rockies. 

About Phantom Phunk

Since their formation in 2015, Phantom Phunk has emerged as one of the most creative artists in Florida’s underground indie scene. Phantom Phunk straddles the mold of predecessors like Linkin Park and the Gorillaz, choosing to develop an animated/virtual identity rather than showcase the looks or talents of its individual members. From this notion came the growth of a concept band whose studio literacy and use of featured artists has spurred an eclectic volume of original music, ranging from Euro-Pop, to Hip-Hop, and all forms psychedelic rock and roll in between.