Music Review "Symphony"

Music Review / Phantom Phunk / The Unheard Spirit Symphony

Written by:  Marushka / Nov 15 2015

Harmonic Factory’s recording clients, Phantom Phunk, were just back at the studio finishing their most recent single, “The Unheard Spirit Symphony.” This latest release is a bit of a departure from their other works as it steers away from their trademark spooky sound and delves farther into their pop side. Vocalist, Alex Cheine, explained the song’s sound as “familiar yet original,” keeping with Phantom Phunk’s desire to terminate evil spirits and bad vibes.

Symphony is characteristic of progressive rock, combining a level of sophistication in instrumentation that experiments with a very nearly danceable beat. There are moments where the scrappy guitar seems almost voice-like on it's own but Alex's voice and charged delivery remain a standout feature of this piece.

The lyrics originated as a poem, written by his girlfriend and are about a bad day. Conversely, the pace of the vocals and the speed of the music drive any underlying negativity away. The music, written by Alex, proves a common denominator between the way he writes and the way he approaches life: “Whatever happens, it will be OK.”

Typical of all the music coming out of this band, this song will require the listener to be more than a passive observer.  It is impossible to pre-judge their compositions because each song provides the opportunity to acquire new ideas and perspectives. The band continues to focus on recording and perfecting their sound and another sneak peek at their upcoming EP will be available soon.

Harmonic Factory’s Executive Producer, Hector Alexander, who is also the lead guitarist in Phantom Phunk, continues to shine in his meticulous attention to detail in the production of this song. His technical skills are only outweighed by his instinctive ability to fulfill the visions of the musicians he works with.

Listen to “The Unheard Spirit Symphony” and other music produced at Harmonic Factory or download from SoundCloud or iTunes. Don’t forget to follow Phantom Phunk on Facebook and Tumblr, or sign up for their newsletter to keep up with their new music, live performances, and more from the band.

Music Review - "Looping"

Music Review/Phantom Phunk/Looping/Written by: Marushka

October 27, 2015

Look outside your window and see the leaves swirling in the wind, circling in a never ending whirlpool of color.  The air has changed, but winter’s promise has not yet been fulfilled. It is a mysterious time of year and Phantom Phunk may have the perfect song to ease your way into the new season.  “Looping,” written by Hector Alexander, will capture your soul with the chiming bells of its introduction to the slow and steady beat of the drums. It will have you circling obscurity and landing right back where you belong, on the sofa, under a blanket, waiting for the front door to creek open. No one will be there but you will keep looking anyway. 

Looping” nails the genre - graveyard pop - that he and his band have created. It is a hazy dream-like trance. It will pull you deeper and deeper into its abyss. It will force you to pay attention to background effects and voices that crescendo when you might expect decrescendo, and compel you to get lost in Hector’s haunting voice.  This is Phantom Phunk, drawing you in right where they want you and then coming up behind you to draw you in again.

For any of you have gotten lost in a maze and felt the panic of not being able to reach the exit, “Looping” will give you an unnerving sense of déjà vu.  “It can be a disturbing experience, the concept of looping, even to the point of inviting a kind of morbid curiosity,” Hector told me when he had the chance to stop by my office and chat between rehearsals and taking care of a sick kitten. “It’s like walking up to a huge roller coaster and thinking, should I get on or shouldn’t I?” Trust me, go for the ride.

The memorable and straightforward lyrics of “Looping” are only surpassed by the music and the voice which will get into your head and not let go. Here is one more song on their discography that proves that these guys have staying power. Don’t miss what’s in store for the future by subscribing to their newsletter, looking them up on Facebook or on their website,

Phantom Phunk Music Review

Music Review / Phantom Phunk/ Written by:  Marushka

Hey all you purveyors of the dark, Halloween is just around the corner.  It’s the end of the harvest season and winter’s darkness is enveloping the light.  What better time than now to explore the new music releases of local indie band, Phantom Phunk.  These guys demand your attention without even asking for it.  Their lyrics are sophisticated and their music has many layers, clearly expanding with each song they write.

Count me among their biggest fans. I am loving  the soul searching “Trails in the Dark,” knife-in-your-heart driving of “Symphony” and the eerily produced “Looping,” songs which are immediately identifiable as their graveyard pop description requires, yet are as individual as the guys themselves. Of note, they are a multi-cultural group of Tampa Bay natives who clearly love classic rock and infuse it with amazing acoustics and drop dead effects.

Look for a video presence on You Tube soon.  An owl flew by my office just the other day and dropped off a note saying the band is filming their first full length video now. These guys will climb directly out of the grave-site into your home, your car and your soul with just one listen. No doubt there are big things happening in this band’s future. So light some candles turn on the music and find your way in the dark.

Check out their website or find them on SoundCloud and Amazon Music. Their rare appearances and sightings in downtown Tampa won’t be available for long. These guys are going places. Call me superstitious but if you don’t check them out now you may find yourself waiting in line next to a witch doctor or Beetlejuice himself waiting to get tickets for a performance.