Phantom Phunk Music Review

Music Review / Phantom Phunk/ Written by:  Marushka

Hey all you purveyors of the dark, Halloween is just around the corner.  It’s the end of the harvest season and winter’s darkness is enveloping the light.  What better time than now to explore the new music releases of local indie band, Phantom Phunk.  These guys demand your attention without even asking for it.  Their lyrics are sophisticated and their music has many layers, clearly expanding with each song they write.

Count me among their biggest fans. I am loving  the soul searching “Trails in the Dark,” knife-in-your-heart driving of “Symphony” and the eerily produced “Looping,” songs which are immediately identifiable as their graveyard pop description requires, yet are as individual as the guys themselves. Of note, they are a multi-cultural group of Tampa Bay natives who clearly love classic rock and infuse it with amazing acoustics and drop dead effects.

Look for a video presence on You Tube soon.  An owl flew by my office just the other day and dropped off a note saying the band is filming their first full length video now. These guys will climb directly out of the grave-site into your home, your car and your soul with just one listen. No doubt there are big things happening in this band’s future. So light some candles turn on the music and find your way in the dark.

Check out their website or find them on SoundCloud and Amazon Music. Their rare appearances and sightings in downtown Tampa won’t be available for long. These guys are going places. Call me superstitious but if you don’t check them out now you may find yourself waiting in line next to a witch doctor or Beetlejuice himself waiting to get tickets for a performance.