Phantom Phunk, is  a progressive alternative four-piece touring band founded in 2015 by: Hector Alexander on lead guitar and bass,  Sasha Cheine on  lead vocals and keyboard,  Juan Gonzalez on guitar and bass and Nick Emioliozzi on drums. Their music is an eclectic mix of Euro-Pop and alternative/progressive rock with a punk and psychedelic edge infused with good old rock and roll. Since their founding, each member has come to contribute their own compositions to the band, resulting in a repertoire that is as eclectic as their personalities. Their debut album "Arboles Ossific" was officially released on November 19, 2016 with the support of their music studio Harmonic Factory. It received favorable reviews from Skope Magazine "This is the sort of album capable of rehabilitating the baggage typically attached to the progressive rock label, but it’s far more than that. Despite the sheer plethora of different sounds and voices fueling these songs, Arboles Ossific never sounds scattershot or patchwork – it, instead, demonstrates astonishing unity of sound and intent". Vents Magazine says of Phantom Phunk music "If anyone tells you that young bands today, unlike the icons of yore, never take chances with their music, play them Phantom Phunk’s debut release. If that doesn’t convince them, nothing will".

Phantom Phunk has hit the road to spread the gospel of their cross-genre sound. Their music is appealing to a wide and varied audience. Phantom Phunk has received airplay on more than 70 college/non-commercial radio stations across the country and they were recently interviewed and play live on 88.5 WMNF in Tampa.  Expect a solid rock set from Phantom Phunk with refreshing jams and versatile instrumentals. They are crowd pleasers who satisfy their current fan base and attract new audiences with the quality of their performances. 



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