Phantom Phunk, is a progressive alternative four-piece band. Since their formation in 2015, Phantom Phunk has emerged as one of the most creative artists in Florida’s underground indie scene. The core group consists of Hector Alexander and Juan Gonzalez on guitars, Tom Kelly on bass and Nick Emiolozzi on drums. Their inclusion of guest artists however, extends their live experience to a greater depth of sound and energy that is matched only by the quality of their recordings. Straddling the mold of predecessors like Linkin Park and the Gorillaz, Phantom Phunk has grown into a concept band whose studio literacy and use of featured artists has spurred an eclectic volume of original music, ranging from Euro-Pop, to Hip-Hop, and all forms of psychedelic rock and roll in between.

Their first album, “Arboles Ossific” was released November 19, 2016 and is available on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby. According to Jason Hillenberg from Skope Magazine, “There’s a rawboned immediacy surrounding this recording . . . it creates a feel like the band is literally playing mere feet away and that crackling live attack, combined with the sheer quality of the band’s collective and individual performances, makes “Arboles Ossific” one of 2016’s best, admittedly late, releases.”

Their second album “Turtle Stand” was released November 10 2017. Left Bank Magazine said about “Turtle Stand”: The album “Turtle Stand” is kind of that cathartic journey that everyone needs every now and then, and that’s totally what it is: a journey. It’s a dynamic tour de force–giving you an upper with tracks like “Back Seat Sax” or “Turtle Stand” and then bringing you back down with “Steep Your Body” and “People Watcher.” You know those rock operas that make you feel your whole range of emotions? That’s what “Turtle Stand” does, and the fact that a band can show so much range on a sophomore album is impressive.

Phantom Phunk’s music is appealing to a wide and varied audience.  Each member has contributed their own compositions to the band, resulting in a repertoire that is as imaginative and energetic as their personalities. They are doing what they love and there is a sense of authenticity in all of their shows. Expect a solid rock set from Phantom Phunk with refreshing jams and versatile instrumentals. They are crowd pleasers who satisfy their current fan base and attract new audiences with the quality of their performances. 



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